Thursday, 2 May 2013

Java Knowledge

War(Servlet ,jsp)
JDBC code –we need odbc14.jar file
4)Jad in bin of JDK
          .classfiles-------à.java files
1)Extract jar contents
Note:-Take a new folder and put only one jar file(eg:-odbc14.jar)
Go to that path where jar exist>jar –xvf odbc14.jar
2)SEE the source files of the .class files
Note:-Take a new folder and put  (odbc14 folder containing .class files)
Go to that path where.classfiles>jad -0 –r –s .java –d src */**/*.class
O---- override
r ---restore package directory structure
s—output file extract
d---directory for output files
src—folder name
Eclipse versions
 EclipseName----                           Version                                       Date of Relese
Callisto 3.2 30 th june 2006
Europen 3.3 29 th june 2007
Ganymede 3.4 25 th june 2008
Galileo 3.5 24 th june 2009
Helios 3.6 23 th june 2010
Indigo 3.7 22 th june 2011
Juno 4.2 27 th june 2012
1)Work spaceàrightclick-> import-> svn repository->new repository->URL given by them->
userName    XXXX(given by them)
password    YYYY(given by them)
 2)Rightclickon project->build path->configureBuild Path->source->Add folder->
Project name
Check the Checkbox the Src folder-àok
3)window ->preferances-> validations-> Check the Checkbox on suspend all validations->ok
4)MyEclipse->)window ->preferances->servers->
Enable Exterrnal server
Add->browse the Tomcat latest version installed on your computer upto Tomcat6.0->ok...
5)In servers perspective(down)-> Right click on tomcat server and “Add or Remove”
Select the project to run on the server->Add ->finish

6)when you have the Bug ,Start the server in DEBUG Mode
After Modifications in the code
Stop the Server(tomcat)->clean->Build(if neccessary add jars[external jars])->run in DEBUG Mode
Stop->clean->Build->Deploy->Run(or)Run as DEBUG Mode


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